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Website Maintenance Plans

Cimplex is pleased to offer our clients a range of flexible and cost effective website and e-commerce maintenance programs to keep their sites up-to-date.


Pay As You Go*

Charged per hour, this service is recommended for companies or individuals whose website needs a minor update once in a while.


CimFlex Y5**

This pre-paid plan will get you 5 hours of maintenance time spread out over the entire year, or use it all at once – up to you.


CimFlex Y10**

Same as Flex Y5, but with 10 hours at your disposal.


CimFlex M2***

Twelve (12) equal monthly payments will give you up to 2 hours of website maintenance time per month, to a total of 24 hours a year.


CimFlex M5***

Same as Flex M2 above, but with 60 hours of website maintenance a year at your disposal.


CimFlex M10***

Same as Flex M5 above, but with 120 hours of website maintenance a year for you to use as you please.


Custom Plan

We can build a custom website maintenance plan based on your individual needs.



All the above plans include updating of graphics, photos, text, code etc. Most updates are completed within 48 hours, usually the next day.
* Minimum 30 minutes. ** Prepaid. Billed every 5 minutes. *** Based on 1 year contract. First month prepaid, invoiced every month thereafter. Billed every 5 Minutes.